My name is Shobhali, & Swaheal is my initiative.

Over a decade of working as a teacher, mentor, manager, coach, practicing different therapy modalities, and exploring some ancient spiritual practices, I have come to the realization that only the Self can heal the Self. Others around you can support you en route this journey that you alone can undertake.

I believe my dharma - my position in the Universe - is to support others in this deep work of their inner journey by being a Guide - at times as a teacher, at times as a coach, at times as a healer - but mostly by being a mirror & creating a space for understanding, resolution, integration, healing, & being whole.

The main ingredient to self healing is to have a reliable self, and the most efficient way to have a wise, reliable self is to have a meditative practice. The meditative practice should ideally incorporate the whole being - body & mind. And, at times, maybe for a while, one needs support to build these practices. With these points in mind, Swaheal offers:


Ever since I can remember, maybe since the age of five or six, I had always felt there had to be more to life than what appears to be to the mere eyes. More than the ritualistic setup of growing up, getting a job, marrying, raising children - there must be something beyond. This deep pondering since a tender age ensured I was looking beyond the mundane life.

My journey in the space of inner work is concentrated in the last decade, and has led me to teaching underprivileged children, mentoring teenagers, managing young adults, training & facilitating leadership development workshops, working as a professional coach, practicing therapy & various healing modalities, and dwelling deep into different ancient spiritual practices.

Over these ten years, I have come to realize that each one of us needs to set on our own journeys, & that all these individual journeys are both - starkly different from one another, & also exactly the same!

I believe, my 'dharma' - my position in the Universe - is to guide anyone on the path who's keen to explore & learn more.

As a guide on this path I will play the multiple roles of a teacher, coach, therapist, & healer - as needed for the person's self-healing to emerge. Swaheal was born from this intention.



Before I share my two cents, let me share a disclaimer!

Nothing I've said here (or ever say) is original. Everything has been said, in some or the other form,  by someone or the other, before me.

You could say I'm being true to my ancestry - I'm aping! Or you could say I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

Building your Emotional Genius

Emotions are like waves in a sea. Just like the sea waves, they always recede. Let them drench you - when you get drenched in emotions, with awareness, you don't drown. This is because when you get drenched in them, you're letting them pass through you with zero resistance. However, when you resist the force of strong waves, the waves either sweep you with them, or build into a tsunami over time...

Choice in Every Moment

In everything you do or don't do, you make a choice. Even in the times you felt you had no choice, you did - you chose to not have to face the dire circumstances, still it was a choice even if one of choice-less-ness.

This is important to acknowledge & accept because without this understanding your agency will not be strong enough to bring about the changes & shifts you desire...


— Navnee Gupta

"The series is one of those rare programs where no amount of description or testimonials can do justice to the experiential learning and insight one gains about oneself and their emotional lives. Shobhali managed to create such a holding and empathetic space that it allowed for me to go back to my inner child and just let myself play and have my shadows come to the fore to enable engagement. The guided visualisations were extremely strong. Shobhali’s curiosity and yearning to share all that she has gathered over years through her experiences made the space so rich. I have never seen a more available facilitator in terms of the presence she provides and the person that she is. I would do it again without a second thought."



Gom - 21 Days of Determination


Dates: October 8th - October 28th, 2021, everyday.

Time: 8:30 - 9:30 AM CDT/ 7 - 8 PM IST/ 2:30 - 3:30 PM BST

Platform: Zoom

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