My name is Shobhali, & Swaheal is my initiative.

Over a decade of working as a teacher, mentor, manager, coach, practicing different therapy modalities, and exploring some ancient spiritual practices, I have come to the realization that only the Self can heal the Self. The rest around you can only support you en route this journey that you alone can undertake.

I believe my dharma - my position in the Universe - is to support others in this deep work of their inner journey by being a Guide - at times as a teacher, at times as a coach, at times as a healer - but mostly by being a mirror & creating a space for understanding, resolution, integration, healing, & being whole.


My journey in the space of inner work is concentrated in the last decade, and has led me to teaching underprivileged children, mentoring teenagers, managing young adults, training & facilitating leadership development workshops, working as a professional coach, practicing therapy & various healing modalities, and dwelling deep into different ancient spiritual practices.

Over these ten years, I have come to realize two things:

1. Each one of us needs to set on our own journeys, & all these individual journeys are both - starkly different from one another, & also exactly the same!

2. Certifications & degrees are highly overrated - the scenery on paper is indeed very different from the one on ground! And I, hereby, proudly proclaim to be a 'certified-nothing' - yes, I've trained to be a certifiable coach, I've trained in different healing modalities - and these trainings have definitely added a lot to me - but I didn't find the need to be validated by a certificate. For me, the crux of learning comes from my experiences of working with myself & others.

I believe, my 'dharma' - my position in the Universe - is to guide anyone on the path who's keen to explore & learn more. As a guide on this path I will play the multiple roles of a teacher, coach, therapist, & healer - as needed for the person's self-healing to emerge. Swaheal was born from this intention.



Before I share my two cents, let me share a disclaimer!

Nothing I've said here (or ever say) is original. Everything has been said, in some or the other form,  by someone or the other, before me.

You could say I'm being true to my ancestry - I'm aping! Or you could say I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

Building your Emotional Genius

Emotions are like waves in a sea. Just like the sea waves, they always recede. Let them drench you - when you get drenched in emotions, with awareness, you don't drown. This is because when you get drenched in them, you're letting them pass through you with zero resistance. However, when you resist the force of strong waves, the waves either sweep you with them, or build into a tsunami over time...

It is important to understand we are at different stages of inner journeys - and, every stage has it's own methods & learning.

Swaheal is a culmination of my understanding of how to support people depending on the stage they're traversing.

While I may have done some 'courses', my methods are based on my experience - both, my inner-work & others' inner-work that I've had the privilege of witnessing.


Each of the offerings at Swaheal caters to a specific stage of the journey. They can be taken by individuals as well as by groups.

You can directly reach out to me here for booking individual or small group sessions &/ workshops.

Also keep an eye out for the Upcoming Offerings.


This too shall pass

Kshanik means momentary.

This offering is for those who are struggling with high levels of stress & anxiety.


Building Meditation

Gom is for those who want to build &/ strengthen a serious meditation practice to achieve higher insights.


Journey of the Self

This three-part offering gradually builds an understanding of, & alignment with, deeper meaning of life.


Relationships & Connections

This offering looks at four different relationships - Food & Body, Parent-Child, Significant Other, & Beyond Species.


Explorers of the Mind

Like explorers in space, there are explorers of mind who want to explore different modalities - this offering is for you!


The Training

Dharma is preparation ground for those who align to the greater purpose - to enable all beings to dissolve their suffering.


Roopali Paliwal

Anxiety restricts!

It would paralyze me to the point of not being able to do the simplest of work, and diminishing self worth.
Our sessions made me understand anxiety better for myself - its scientific & emotional workings. Small techniques given during sessions were easy to remember & follow.

The sessions have helped me recognize my triggers and work on resolving them.

Sheetal Arya

I feel Shobhali functions like a channel and presents the knowledge that you really need. She shares with you all she has - you become the master of your own life and are also healed in the process.

Our sessions enabled me better my relationship with my husband by helping me see my beliefs, practice being mindful of feelings & facts, & communicate my needs clearly.

Piyush Jain

 It was a two part journey - improving inner state of mind, & being self-aware & empowered to help myself in the long run. I found quick fix tools, & empowerment for improvement throughout my life. I see all the sense in her conversations and words even 3 years after the journey with her. She is still as awesome as she was, with more knowledge and wisdom to share and support me with.



Liberation in the Shadows


Period: Fridays & Sundays from December 4th to December 13th.

Dates: December 4th, December 6th, December 11th, and December 13th.

Time: Fridays, 6 PM – 8 PM. Sundays, 5 PM – 8 PM. (Indian Standard Time)

(The 3 hour sessions will have a 15 minute break in between.)


Platform: Online over Zoom

Over these 2 weeks – 10 hours of group sessions & 2 weeks of individual work through readings, teachings, worksheets, & reflection – we will look at shame, desires, needs, benefits & importance of anger & jealousy, what sex is seen as & what it truly is, developmental (and other) trauma & attachment theory, aspects of the whole being, pleasure principle & abundance states, and finally owning and healing work.