Alternative Counseling

I call what I do 'alternative' because it is off the mainstream/ modern system (western view) of mental health generally being practiced today.

This means that I'm NOT a licensed psychotherapist or counselor, nor do I wish to practice as one.

There are a number of reasons why I choose to follow a different path, the most compelling is: Western psychology views anything that is beyond the "norm" to be a disorder, a problem to be fixed, a defect. The space of counseling/ therapy today is dominated by this western view of psychology. However, psychology - which means 'study of the mind' - is much more ancient than this dominant view of it. The late 19th century marked the start of psychology as a scientific enterprise. Patanjali said, "Yoga chitta vritti nirodha" - Yoga removes the fluctuations of the mind - in early centuries CE. Buddha achieved enlightenment - there's controversy about the exact date, but all controversial dates are from BC! Also, of course, scientists are still catching up with the Budhha, for eg., Buddha spoke about the smallest particle 'kalapa' back then without any fancy scientific tools - the Quark model was first proposed in 1968!

So really, we need to pause and ask ourselves whether modern day approach to psychological issues as "disorders" is the most effective way, or if there's something else that might be more beneficial & whole.

We must investigate if these "disorders" are really DIS-orders, or were THESE-orders created to cope with the disorder in & around your life at that time.

We might want to re-think if labeling & boxing ourselves, thereby, promoting judgement & shame, is the best way out of a situation which was in the first place created due to the all pervasive judgement & shame in the society at large.

To get some more perspective about what I've shared here, you may choose to watch:

Myth of Normal, CrazyWise, &/ read Bessel van der Kolk's Interview.


All this is not to demean what psychologists, psychiatrists, & therapists do - there are definitely many doing some amazing work out there. Though in my experience, I've found the most effective ones to be those who have gone beyond the scientific modern approach of psychology, & have a number of different modalities to work with.

In my practice, I work with a combination of:

a. developing Body Awareness (Integral Somatic Psychology, Grounding, Observing, Investigating, building Tolerance, & Resourcing),

b. identifying different Parts within (Internal Family Systems & Inner Child approach), &

c. understanding the Greater View (based on Buddhist Mahayana teachings of the reality as is).

In addition to these, based on individual cases, I use different forms of Arts Based Therapy, meditative practices, breathing techniques, ancestor work, and energy work.

In all of the above work, I follow the core principles of non-judgement, being present & welcoming to whatever is, and compassionate inquiry.

If you:

- want to understand yourself better, &/

- are struggling with emotions/ relationships/ world, &/

- have gone through/ are going through unresolved trauma, &/

- are just curious about this work;


- are ready to work it out, &

- commit to your self to heal & soothe yourself (with support), &

- believe you have the agency to shift things with knowledge & effort;

You might be ready for one of these below mentioned offerings:

Individual Guidance Session

Platform: Online - WhatsApp/ Zoom/ Google Meet - whatever works for you

Duration: 60 - 75 minutes

Contribution: INR 1350 - INR 4000/ USD 35 - USD 150

Couple Guidance Session

Platform: Online - WhatsApp/ Zoom/ Google Meet - whatever works for you

Duration: 75 - 90 minutes

Contribution: INR 1800 - INR 4500/ USD 45 - USD 180

Group Guidance Workshop

Group Work can be very powerful - being seen, felt, & held by a close group of people meets many core human needs.

Every now & then, there will be opportunities to join Group Guidance Workshops on different aspects of inner work.

*All contributions are mentioned as - for those living in India (INR)/ outside India (USD).

**Please read the Contribution Page to understand why there's a range of contribution, and not a fixed amount.

***If you are currently not able to contribute within the range, please read the Contribution Page, and fill out this Alternative Form.