"I started my healing journey with Shobhali from April 2021. I was loaded with emotional baggages. I was feeling very low and heavy within. I was filled with self doubts before I took up the sessions.

It's been 5 months and I feel so good and confident about myself now. 

I started with inner child work and somatic therapy. It made me feel so calm and light from within. Shobhali guided me in every single aspect of life where I was struggling to take decisions. 

She taught me techniques to release emotions. One such technique is a unique way of Painting. I love doing it. Makes me feel so relieved at the end of the day.

Also, I got a deeper understanding about my nature. She brought so much clarity in my confused mind.

I keep looking forward for my session with Shobhali every week."


There comes a time in life when you feel a lot complicated and all the emotions feel coiled up. That was the time of my life when nothing seemed to be helpful, be it self help books or talking to a friend. It felt like I needed some guidance, which helps in growing day by day and untying every small knots at the same time. Shobhali has helped me understand each of the emotions with her guidance, and let me see the path which was pitch dark earlier. The goal is to have a helping hand in your journey through a therapist, and that is what she has exactly done. I am extremely grateful for that.

Yesha Pabari

For me it was important to have a guide/ therapist who could build onto my own awareness and offer me insights into the core reasons behind my repetitive behavioral patterns. I started the journey with an understanding of my own anxieties, insecurities, and patterns of overthinking that would show up as lower confidence/ self-esteem time and again.
Shobhali started my journey with a discovery call that allowed us to align on what it was really that I wanted to improve for my mental well-being. She is a patient and empathetic listener and I believe, her vast experience as an inner guide allowed her to read between the lines and surface the underlying symptoms/ sources of anxieties and fears. During my journey, she offered valuable input and fresh perspective that helped me identify my own emotional/ reaction patterns and shift my ways of thinking to create a healthier state of mind. She introduced tools that empowered me to take my own journey of healing without being bound to an external support to continue it.

Ayushi Jain

Healing journey makes you weaker at times.. what I thought was a blessing, was actually toxicity wrapping my true being and not letting me blossom to my fullness. It is very challenging to go deep inside me and uncover the patterns and love myself again. Shobhali helps me through this journey by providing me a non-judgemental space and her techniques. It makes me very emotional at times to believe what I was being wrapped in, but her holding space is giving me the trust to believe in myself. What I absolutely loved about her sessions is the way the techniques are helping me spot patterns on the spot and correct my reaction!


"I've been working with Shobhali for 9 months now and I feel a deep connection with several parts of me. At the same time, I feel there's so much to explore within me. Thank you Swaheal! You've helped me discover so many aspects of myself. I'll be forever grateful."

Diksha Ahi

"You have been my guiding light for quite some time now. Our relationship started with my quest for inner work. While I was trying to find answers to numerous questions, I wasn’t able to find a holistic space and a guide. I had tried several options in isolation and none of them really worked out for me. My search ended when I started my work with you. You enabled a holistic and a wholesome healing space for me with a right mix and balance of head, heart, body and soul. The beauty of the work you did with me lied in the fact that the ownership of my growth and learning stayed with me, while you played a role of a guide and an anchor. I have witnessed more than expected shifts in myself and my understanding of spirituality and its practices. To be precise, my work with you has put me on a different path altogether and has opened several doors that remain to be explored."

Neha Rathi

Through my organization I got an opportunity to meet Shobhali Thapa. Shobhali did many sessions with us on every Friday and every time when we met her we met ourselves deeply. She started to create an inner space for us through meditation practice. Because of this space or meditation practices  I met my inner child for the first time and got to know which emotions, feelings played within me from my childhood, and I reached out to Shobhali directly to work on these emotions and feelings. She did many one-on-one sessions with me.  It really helped me to work on myself. Through these meditation practices I reflected on many positive and negative experiences of my life. It made a big difference within from how I was earlier. For the first time I understood Non-Violent Communication. I tried to practice the four components of NVC (Observation, Feeling, Need, and Request)  in my daily life. I became empathetic for myself and others. I was not sure about my capabilities, but Shobhali found my capabilities, and strength, I found a new version of myself after meeting Shobhali.

Bhawna Upadhyay

"The Liberation in the Sahdows series has helped me to get on a path of understanding myself better and have the courage to want to heal myself. As always Shobhali has a gentle way that assures you that you can be yourself and experince the space fully. She creates a space that makes you feel secure to open yourself and share. As alwyas explains both the logical and emotional aspect of every concept and experience. Thank you Shobhali."

Anonymous Workshop Paticipant

"LITS, a very unique experience for me. I am more grateful towards life, I feel lighter, the intensity of my emotions weighing me down has reduced, I realised that I need to embrace my sexuality rather than locking it up. A shift has happened within me due to which I am more aware about my thoughts and the most miraculous thing is, I genuinely hear an inner voice guiding me to do what's needed in every moment and this I think has happened after a certain breathwork wherein I realised that I need to prioritize my life and the inner voice helps me to get there. Shobhali has been a blessing to all of us who have had a privilege to know her and work with her."

Simran Khattar

"It is a good series for someone to start exploring what is coming in the way of being happy and fulfilled."

Manoshi Ghosh

"A person who is so grounded and dedicated to the healing process. She has so much knowledge and clarity about every single aspect of life. I admire her concept of contribution a lot. She is simply great in this aspect. I haven't come across anyone like her so far in my spiritual journey. She is truly a yogi who shares her energy to lift us from our darkness.

She has definitely brought a big positive change in my life. She has made me take each and every step with awareness. She has also given me a wonderful feel that she will be there to guide me at anytime and every time."


"I am really thankful to Shobhali for helping me in two ways:

1.My personal beliefs (my anxiousness)

2. My relationship with my husband. 

She helped me to know how my limiting beliefs were created, and how I can change them to empowering ones so that they help me grow. I read books and articles she shared to gain knowledge about relationships.

I did small changes in my day-to-day routine - started giving time to myself as well as my relationship, for the betterment.

She helped me to practice all that is needed - being mindful of feeling and facts, clear communication, etc.

It seems to me that Shobhali does not only coach you during the sessions but also functions like a channel and presents the knowledge that you really need. I suppose this talent of hers is related not only to her nature but also to the fact that she has been working on healing and meditation for many years, and that she has reached a certain level of consciousness in her own life. There is a distinctive character in her; she shares with you all that she has. In the end, you become the master of your own life, and at the same time you get healed in the process."

Sheetal Arya

"It was a two part journey - improving inner state of mind, & being self-aware & empowered to help myself in the long run. I found quick fix tools, & empowerment for improvement throughout my life. I see all the sense in her conversations and words even 3 years after the journey with her. She is still as awesome as she was, with more knowledge and wisdom to share and support me with."

Piyush Jain

"The series is one of those rare programs where no amount of description or testimonials can do justice to the experiential learning and insight one gains about oneself and their emotional lives. Shobhali managed to create such a holding and empathetic space that it allowed for me to go back to my inner child and just let myself play and have my shadows come to the fore to enable engagement. The guided visualisations were extremely strong. Shobhali’s curiosity and yearning to share all that she has gathered over years through her experiences made the space so rich. I have never seen a more available facilitator in terms of the presence she provides and the person that she is. I would do it again without a second thought."

Navnee Gupta

"I met Shobhali first as a coach during my incubation year at TFIx. 
And from there she has been my friend, philosopher, and guide. She not only positively influenced my leadership style as a founder but I also took her support to come  up with a vision for my  family.
She is focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.
I admire her discipline and focus on her on self as well which enables her to role model all that she does.

I would love to see many more lives to be impacted by her."

Meghna Chawla

"Anxiety restricts!

It would paralyze me to the point of not being able to do the simplest of work, and diminishing self worth.
My sessions with Shobhali made me understand anxiety for myself better. Its scientific and the emotional workings, especially the small techniques given during sessions.. that one can remember and do easily. Maybe a small doddle since I like to sketch that will release the energy at the point.
The sessions have helped me, to recognize my triggers and also how to work on resolving them."

Roopali Paliwal

"Shobhali is a brilliant spiritual facilitator, at once nuanced and compassionate. She is really respectful of you as an individual and sees herself as a friend and contributor to your spiritual journey, a quality so rare to have in those who lead, guide or heal on the spiritual path."

Namrata Sachdev

"I reached out to Shobhali to help me with my relationship with my daughter.

Shobhali's work with me has given me insights into my own behavior and also into how it is perceived by my daughter.

It is making me conscious and mindful of my choice of words and choice of reaction to situations.

I am now one month into the sessions and have already noticed that I am able to better negotiate situations that would earlier become explosive."

Roli Chaubey

"Swaheal is one of the best things that happened to me. This is for the first time that I consciously connected with myself consistently without being persuaded after the initial guidance. Earlier, I'd immediately want to seek help vs now I pause, breathe and go on the inside to do so. If there's anything that I'm unable to process/decode - Shobhali is there to guide. Lately, my organization wanted us to name our VIP (people who inspire/mentor you) and for me it's truly Shobhali. Swaheal is a way of life that requires deep work, commitment and persistence. It is meaningful and on-going. One of the biggest things I have taken away from Swaheal is to make conscious choices and I hope that be my guiding light through life. I'm learning to rely on my own instinct as my North Star for validation of my choices."

Diksha Ahi