GOM - 21 Days of Determination




1. Why is it 21 days?

All of our sufferings are the result of a mind that we either don’t understand, or can’t control, or both. We have spent decades (since even before we were born) in creating & feeding ineffective patterns of the mind. 21 days is insufficient to change these. 21 days will introduce you to a number of practices from which you may choose & set up your own practice, & hopefully, would be habituated to maintain a consistent practice.


2. Do I need to attend everyday? Can I skip some of these 21 days?

Showing up everyday is an important piece of establishing any long-term meditative practice. View this as a strong determination that you’re committing to keep.

It will be critical to attend at least 80% of the sessions for you to be able to get the juice of this fruit.


3. Can I later watch the recording?

There are no recordings in this course for a number of reasons:

  • In my experience in the last two odd years - both, in the sessions where I was a participant, & where I facilitated - I’ve observed that participants take away a lot more from the sessions they attend live.

  • The energy in a live session, with a live teacher teaching in the moment, cannot match a recording.

  • The 21 days of determination serves an important purpose of establishing a meditative practice.


4. How will the sessions work?

The 21 days will be divided into 5 stages:

Stage 1 will be an introduction to basic core practices.

Stage 2 will start the exploration into different traditions.

Stage 3 will have techniques that enhance the meditative process.

Stage 4 will be for you to notice the subtle (and at times not-so-subtle) differences when Stage 3 techniques are used with basic core practices from Stage 1 & 2.

Stage 5 will be you exploring what works for you, & setting up your own practice.

Every session will be divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 will answer questions from the previous day (every day you will have the opportunity to send in your doubts/ queries/ questions about the day’s practice) &/ any context setting for the practice(s) of the day.

Part 2 will be the Practice.

Part 3 will space for live questions, if any.


5. So, really, how much time will I need to take out on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, the minimum time you will need to take out is 60 minutes for the session. Beyond that, it is suggested you take out anywhere between 10 - 30 minutes everyday to practice the practice(s) from the session, and engage with the short daily reflection guide. Beyond the session, whatever time you put in is really up to you. The session is the most critical.


6. Will these 21 days transform me?

It is important to understand that this course is not an elixir - to continue enjoying the benefits you see in these 21 days you will have to continue the practice. Hopefully having done it everyday for 21 days will build some muscle memory to do so. Also, post the course there will be an opportunity to join a Practice Group to continue to deepen your practice.

Also, an important thing to note is that while healing in nature, this isn’t a replacement for therapeutic work. At various points in time, we all need some support to be held as we heal ourselves. This course provides you with a very important tool for the work of self-healing, but it doesn’t necessarily replace an able therapist/ counselor/ guide.


7. Is this based on any religion, or is it oriented to a specific religion or group?

People of all genders, race, ethnicities and sexual orientation are welcome to join this course. This course has nothing to do with any sect/ religion/ group. It is a spiritual course, & the word spiritual means of the spirit, of the soul, of the self. So this is a course of the self, by the self, & for the self.