GOM - 21 Days of Determination

Program Description

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The intention of the course is to guide anyone who wants to begin &/ explore &/ establish a sound meditation practice. One critical piece in setting up a meditation practice is showing up on the cushion consistently, day after day. And so this course is set up to build that determination - thus, it's a 21-day course where we show up every single day to strengthen our base. The participants will get a taste of practices across the field, from Buddha's teachings to Shankracharya's Advaita Vedanta to Shamanic practices to Shaivite Tantra to Ancestor practices, Energy work, & much more.

Like most people, I too have had various ups & downs, twists & turns, major &/ consistent traumas, and minor traumas that come from just living life! I have had anxieties, fears, doubts, & still continue to work with many of them. If I had to name one core element that has aided my journey of inner work & self healing, it would be: Building and nurturing a meditation practice.

Having been meditating now for more than half a decade, and having had the opportunity to explore, experience, & learn a plethora of ancient & modern, spiritual/ meditative practices, I realize that this is not an "easy-to-find" path. I have learnt from many teachers, across time & space, in the form of living teachers to courses, to books, to subtle energies, & beyond! The journey so far has been adventurous, and now it seems to call me to share what I have learnt - I am not a realized being in any way - just someone who has probably walked a few miles ahead...

And, hasn't yet found a course/ space as comprehensible as the one that Gom - 21 Days of Determination will provide!

What is Meditation?


Meditation has been defined in many ways - building focus/ awareness/ mindfulness - to name a few.  Gom is the Tibetan word for meditation which roughly translates as familiarizing or habituating - so familiarizing or habituating your mind to a certain way of perceiving - perceiving things as they are, not as you want/ don't want them to be.

Like sleep, meditation cannot be taught. Just like you fall asleep when the conditions are right (right temperature, right amount of tiredness, relaxed state, etc), similarly,  when the conditions are right you fall into a meditative state.

What can be learnt/ taught are the different meditative practices that might help you fall into a bright, stable meditative state.

Benefits of meditation depend upon your intent to meditate. These intentions may vary from wanting to relax to wanting enlightenment. Whatever your intent, there are some basic effects you will witness as you practice, over these 21 days, & beyond:

1. You will notice your mind is calmer than usual.

2. You will experience in you a 'thehraav' - peaceful stability, is the rough translation of this word.

3. You will begin to see things more clearly as the muddled thoughts of everyday begin to settle down.

4. You will begin to be more conscious of your thoughts, words, & actions.

5. Anxiety, jitteriness, fears, doubts, will all begin to pause for a while.

6. You might begin to sleep, eat, & feel better.

These are just few of the benefits you will notice in the short period of 21 days.

Is this for me?


This is possibly the most important section in this page - Is this for me?

Yes, it's for you, if you are:

1. A learner, & have the agency to drive your learning (for eg., keeping an open mind, asking clarifying questions, diligently practicing, etc.)

2. Ready to begin your journey into meditation.

3. Already meditating &/ have an established practice, & now want to understand & explore different practices.

4. Wanting to establish a meditation practice, and wish to learn how.

5. Ready to commit to showing up 21 days in a row (It'll be critical to attend at least 80% of the sessions for you to be able to get the juice of this fruit.)

No, it's not for you, if you are:

1. Not in a place to take responsibility for your own learning (for eg., you don't ask to clarify doubts during the course, and continue feeling you're unable to understand.)

2. Already an established practitioner, & want to continue whatever path you've chosen.

3. Not ready &/ able to commit to showing up for the 21 days.

4. Looking for a Guru (a Guru is someone who has realized the Truth - I'm not there, yet.)

Meditation, as a practice, is highly beneficial to everyone who practices it. It's a practice which, if done consistently, slowly & surely begins to change the stuck/ limiting/ ineffective neuro pathways in the mind. At the bare minimum, this practice helps you calm your nerves, and be grounded within yourself for a few moments everyday.



If you think this course is for you, here are some of the many things the course can offer you:

1. The sessions will be a mix of traditional & flipped classroom model - everyday, you will strengthen what you learned in the previous session(s), learn new practices, practice & engage in effective (structured) reflection at your own time, & send in questions that you may have which will be looked into in the next session. This will build/ hone your skills of reflection, consistency, conscientiousness.

2. Every session will have minimum 30 minutes of meditative practices - by the end of the course you would have engaged in a minimum of 630 minutes of meditation.

3. As your doubts/ queries about your practice will be answered on a daily basis, your practice will get better at a faster pace than otherwise.

4. You will learn approaches of, & practices from, Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Mindfulness, Advaita Vedanta, Shamanism, Breathing techniques, Shaivite Tantra (basic principles), Ancestor Work, Energy Work, & Elemental practices.

5. You will also learn how to integrate the above approaches, and form your own practice that works for you.

6. You will feed the muscle of determination, and create new patterns of keeping commitments to your self.

7. You would find that your mind has become quieter, calmer, clearer, sharper.

8. You will sense an expansiveness in your being, a steadiness, a stability.

Registration Process

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October 8th, 2021 - October 28th, 2021 (everyday)


7 - 8 PM (IST)/ 8:30 - 9:30 AM (CDT)/ 2:30 - 3:30 PM (BST)

Platform: Zoom

Medium of Instruction: English


The program is solely financed by participants' contributions, which are based on a range such that it's affordable for most people. Please pay at whatever is the highest range that you can afford so that those who can't afford may also have the opportunity to attend.

Based on whether you're living in India/ living outside India, following contributions are suggested:

- INR 100 per day (INR 2100)/ USD 5 per day (USD 105), or

- INR 200 per day (INR 4200)/ USD 10 per day (USD 210), or

- INR 300 per day (INR 6300)/ USD 15 per day (USD 315), or

- INR 400 per day (INR 8400)/ USD 20 per day (USD 420), or

- Anywhere in the range

In case you're unable to meet the range above, and believe you need this course at this moment, please fill this Alternative Form.

In case you think you're able to support someone to do this course, please fill this Support Form.


You may have a number of queries, most of them will get answered through these FAQs.

Registration: Registrations Closed.


If you have any questions, you can contact: swaheal.shobhali@gmail.com