My Journey

One of my first critical moments was when doing a research for a non-profit in a remote village in Uttarakhand - the reality of inequity hit me for the first time. This led me to join a movement wherein I taught & led forty 2nd grade girls, for two years, in a government school in Delhi, in 2011. As I fell in love with my 2nd graders, & began to engage with the communities they hailed from, questions around human development, motivation, purpose, & life, began to simmer inside me. Over the next five years as a teacher, program manager, and backpacking across India, I became aware of my larger purpose - human development. The next half of the last decade has been spent on refining what 'human development' truly means.

In these ten years, I have come to realize that each one of us needs to set on our own journey, & all these individual journeys are both - starkly different from one another, & also exactly the same! On such an evolutionary journey, at times, it helps to be guided by someone who may have walked down the path a little further from where you currently are. I am grateful to my many guides who came in different forms at different times when I needed them - some as books, some as courses, others in the human form, and yet others in felt forms. I'll be ever grateful to - S N Goenka, Vinish Gupta, Geshe Dorjee Damdul La, Geshe Lhakdor La, Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda, Thomas Hubl, Gabor Mate, Daniel Foor, Hareesh Christopher Wallis, Leigh Brasington, my ancestors, all the seekers of the past-present-future, the many people who've guarded & carried forward the very many sacred traditions across the world, and the Universe - to have guided me, supported me, & protected me on this path.

From supporting primary school girls to make informed decisions - as a teacher, to enabling people to see their behavior patterns & beliefs - as a coach, to providing space for people to understand & heal from their past trauma - as a therapy practitioner, to now finally arriving at my dharma of being a guide on this path of self-healing! This, I believe, is my 'dharma' - my position in the Universe - to guide anyone on the path who's keen to explore & learn more. As a guide on this path I will play the multiple roles of a teacher, coach, therapist, & healer - as needed for the person's self-healing to emerge. Swaheal was born from this intention.

The depth & conviction of my work comes from having myself lived every thing that I share with the people I work with. All the practices I follow, & the work I engage in is of my own understanding from all that I have learnt. I draw from beyond my skills on paper – I have not just worked with over hundreds of people in groups and one-on-one settings, but have also done all of this work with myself – I draw on the wisdom, insights & intuitions from both, my work with others & my own inner work journey.

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  • 10 Day Vipassana Meditation (Silent) Retreats

  • Jeevanvidya Workshops

  • Wisdom & Bodhicitta Retreats, Geshe Damdul La

  • Mahabharata Immersion Workshop

  • Praxeum - Leadership Workshop

  • India Youth Jam

  • Shamanic & other Earth-based practices

  • 10-month solo backpack across 27 Indian states

  • Long Fasts (on only water) 10 days, 21 days

  • Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology, Nalanda Diploma Course, Tibet House

  • Sivananda lineage-based, mantra initiated, Yoga Teacher

  • Trained in Principles of Collective Trauma Healing, under Thomas Hubl, Academy of Inner Science

  • Ancestor Lineage Healing, Ancestral Medicine

  • Foundations of Tantrik Yoga, Tantrika Institute

  • Integral Somatic Psychology, Module 1, under Dr. Raja Selvam’s associate, Dr. Mimansa Poppat

  • Arts Based Therapy Practitioner, under Vikram Sinha

  • Non-violent communication (NVC) in close relationships, Sudha Shankar & Gesine

  • Hypnotherapy - 1, Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy

  • Professional Coach Training, Coach For Life, USA

  • Social, Emotional, & Ethical Learning (SEEL) Facilitator Training, Emory University

  • Psychology (Hons.), JMC, Delhi University

  • Inner Child Work, Jungian Psychology (Shadow Work, Anima/ Animus)), Internal Family Systems & Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) Therapy modalities - through self inner work

  • Research Associate at Center for Attachment Research, The New School, New York

  • Professional Canine Training, under Shirin Merchant

  • Basic Mountaineering Course, JIM & WS

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

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