Meditation Guidance

I am not, in any way, a realized being - in fact, far from it! I'm just a seeker on the path who has probably traveled a few miles more than some, & much fewer than others, on this path. There's miles to go, and then some more.

My meditation journey, in earnest, began in 2015 with a 10 day silent retreat in S N Goenka's Vipassana tradition. Since then my practice has intensified in, both, breadth & depth. I have had the opportunity to explore & experience many different traditions - from the modern take of mindfulness practices, to the ancient teachings of the Buddha in it's different traditions of Theravada & Mahayana, to Advaita Vedanta, to Shaivite Tantra, to Shamanism, to the myriad breathing techniques of some African tribes, to Ancestor work, & beyond. Some of these I have been fortunate enough to learn from living teachers, & others from books, seminars, courses.

Here are some of the many things I have observed on this path:

1. Meditation cannot be taught, just like you can't be taught how to sleep! You can only learn how to create the right ambience in order to "fall asleep". Similarly, one can learn different meditative practices - but to meditate, one will have to build one's own practice to fall into a meditative state.

2. Meditation, while requires concentration, cannot be done with a rigid &/ tight focus. The concentration needs to be strong yet light, and this only happens with practice.


3. The more you develop in your practice, the clearer your vision becomes - there's a deep unshaking stability that begins to form, an endless resource of peace is cultivated, a calmer mind is the resultant state - you begin to see things as they are, without/ with less biased narratives.


4. Through the various traditions I have explored & practiced, there are three commonalities in all - some form of morality (being a good human being), some way of concentrating the mind (directly through the mind &/ also through the body), and some practice(s) to move toward the view of the greater destination (Nirvana/ Enlightenment/ Becoming One with x, y, z force or source/ Buddhahood/ etc)

5. Meditation is for everyone! Truly, everyone benefits from meditation once they find the meditation that works for them. People meditate for different reasons, but all meditation practices bring a certain clarity & calmness in the practitioner over time. 

Today, I practice two hours - one in the morning & one in evening - everyday. In addition to that I go for regular, structured & unstructured, short & long retreats in isolation &/ silence. However, this was definitely not how my practice began! In the beginning there were many ups and downs, no shows, absences, long absences, and so much more! The practice I have cultivated today is a result of many years of not giving up the practice no matter how many times I seemed to go off track. And this is why I feel called to guide anyone who is either just beginning their journey, or is trying to establish their practice. I'm no where close to being an expert, just someone who may have walked a few more miles than some.

If you're ready to:

- Begin your meditation journey, or

- Explore the space of meditative practices, or

- Establish your own practice,

we might be able to serve each other on this path.

You may choose one of the following offerings:

Individual Meditation Guidance

Platform: Online - WhatsApp/ Zoom/ Google Meet - whatever works for you

Duration: 40 minutes

Contribution: INR 950 - INR 3000/ USD 25 - USD 100

Gom - 21 Days of Determination

​This is a 21 day course where for 21 continuous days you will learn, practice, & immerse yourself into a wide range of different meditative practices & traditions.

This is apt for beginners & those wanting to establish their practice.

Meditation Practice Group

The Practice Groups are for those who have done Gom, and now want to deepen their practice, &/ establish a daily meditation practice.

Frequency: Thrice a week, for a month.

*All contributions are mentioned as - for those living in India (INR)/ outside India (USD).

**Please read the Contribution Page to understand why there's a range of contribution, and not a fixed amount.

***If you are currently not able to contribute within the range, please read the Contribution Page, and fill out this Alternative Form.