Why I believe I'm a Guide.

Ever since I can remember, maybe since the age of five or six, I had always felt there had to be more to life than what appears to meet the eye. More than the ritualistic setup of growing up, getting a job, marrying, raising children — there must be something beyond. This deep pondering since a tender age ensured I was looking beyond the mundane life.​

As a Young Adult

One of my first few critical moments as a young adult was when conducting a research study for a non-profit in a remote village in Uttarakhand, India — the reality of inequity hit me for the first time. This led me to join a movement wherein I taught & led forty 2nd grade girls, for two years, in a government school in Delhi, in 2011. As I fell in love with my 2nd graders, & began to engage with the communities they hailed from, questions around human development, motivation, purpose, & life, began to simmer inside me. Over the next five years as a teacher, program manager, and backpacking across India, I became aware of my larger purpose — human development. The next half of the last decade has been spent on refining what ‘human development’ truly means.

My journey in the space of inner work led me to teaching underprivileged children, mentoring teenagers, managing young adults, training & facilitating leadership development workshops, working as a professional coach, practicing therapy & various healing modalities, and dwelling deep into different ancient spiritual practices.

The Commonality Across

One thing that stayed with me across these different roles was the commonality of all humans— child & adult alike — the need to heal, to be loved, to understand, & to feel a sense of belonging. This is what eventually drew me to therapy — that we were all hurting & needed to heal. However, as I practiced therapy I noticed how the people I worked with began to heavily depend on me, emotionally. Therapy setting is such that the client consciously/ subconsciously believes that the therapist is the savior. While on the one hand this was triggering to my own unhealed trauma, on the other hand I also began witnessing the fact that in the end only you can heal you — everyone else can support you/ guide you/ cheer for you — but you will have to pump the weights! And even in the therapy space, at the end of the day, it was up to the person who walked in to truly be able to redeem themselves.

My Dharma

In these ten years, I have come to realize that each one of us needs to set on our own journeys, & all these individual journeys are both — starkly different from one another, & also exactly the same!

On such an evolutionary journey, at times, it helps to be guided by someone who may have walked down the path a little further from where you currently are. And this guide must have the versatility to play the different roles to nurture & soothe the ground on which you can then create your own healing & learning.

From supporting primary school girls to make informed decisions — as a teacher, to enabling people to see their behavior patterns & beliefs — as a coach, to providing space for people to understand & heal from their past trauma — as a therapy practitioner, to now finally arriving at my dharma of being a guide on this path of self-healing!

This, I believe, is my ‘dharma’ — my position in the Universe — to support others in the deep work of their inner journey by being a Guide — at times as a teacher, at times as a coach, at times as a healer — but mostly by being a mirror & creating a space for understanding, resolution, integration, healing, & being whole.

Gratitude to my Guides

I am grateful to my many guides who came in different forms at different times when I needed them — some as books, some as courses, others in the human form, and yet others in felt forms. I’ll be ever grateful to — S N Goenka, Vinish Gupta, Geshe Dorjee Damdul La, Geshe Lhakdor La, Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda, Thomas Hubl, Gabor Mate, Daniel Foor, Hareesh Christopher Wallis, Leigh Brasington, my ancestors, all the seekers of the past-present-future, the many people who’ve guarded & carried forward the very many sacred traditions across the world, and the Universe — to have guided me, supported me, & protected me on this path.​

May we all find our dharma, may we all find the path.

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